You can’t work in the retail industry for as long as we have without forming an addiction to fast data. We offer a wide range of modeling and analytical tools that play a pivotal role in our strategy, engagement planning and evaluation processes. We analyze markets and sales data to identify business issues and opportunities, define priority customer targets, create actionable behavioral-attitudinal segmentations and plan and constantly optimize our marketing communications programs. Brand monitoring and tracking studies also provide input.

With each client, we identify baseline levels of information and reporting and put in place measurement systems that enable us to adjust marketing strategies as needed to achieve the best possible ROI.

Our mobile dashboards give our clients powerful, real-time information on their brands.  SASKiX™ is an interactive, customized approach to monitoring, distilling, analyzing and visualizing multiple types and sources of data in an integrated format. The program delivers data down to the category level, store by store, even including Google imaging to determine if local construction might be impacting sales.

Our tool’s at-a-glance ability to discern trends, issues and opportunities as well as to drill down into the underlying diagnostic data and detail enables continuous optimization and ROI analysis at multiple levels.

Our extensive in-house analytics capabilities are enhanced through our partnership with Enterprise LN Corporation’s data mining lab, giving us access to cutting-edge tools and techniques to solve the most complicated data and analytics problems.


The Marketing Agency is teaming with a group of Saskatchewan businesses to introduce The “Get Business Done Better” campaign to support local business marketing program.

Our Saskatchewan marketing agency developed the overall campaign strategy, TV, radio and social media elements, while the Saskatchewan creative agency handled the digital display portion of the campaign. The local advertising agency was responsible for media buying and handled the PR.